EBis 3: Designed Specifically for the Shop Floor

Run your repair station as efficient as ever

Work Orders

  • Automatically create work orders with sequential numbering or custom numbers
  • Manage unlimited number of squawks within each work order
  • Manage technician time worked with built in job time clock
  • Easily add outside repair to individual items
  • Add unlimited parts or part kits to work order
  • Easily see what parts are/are not on order
  • Order parts based on previous ordering history
  • Traceability for each part on the work order
  • Save and use frequently used squawks, create ATA codes or labor kits for repetitive tasks
  • Charge customers for additional charges such as EPA charge, oil analysis, shop supplies, and much more
  • Easily view deposit history
  • Inspectors can digitally sign-off each squawk
  • Create estimates and invoices without re-entering any information
  • Ability to email a customer an estimate or invoice
  • Create log book labels in seconds
  • Create warranty invoices from the same work order
  • Store photos and files with each individual squawk for reference
  • Track what certified or reference-only tools were used on each task


All reports needed to run your operation
  • Productivity reports for each technician, showing hours worked and detailed info
  • View at any time which technicians are "on the clock"
  • Profit reports for work orders and parts invoices
  • View lost sales of parts due to not having the parts requested by the customer in stock
  • Optional Time Clock module allows true efficiency by comparing job vs time clock time
  • Export most reports to PDF or Excel format
  • Track unlimited aircraft per customer and multiple owners per aircraft
  • Manage single, twin, turbine, jet, and helicopter info
  • Manage upcoming upcoming events and historical inspections via compliance module
  • Track tools on W/Os and R/Os
  • View upcoming calibrations
  • View history of certifications and trends
  • Store photos & files
Purchase Orders
  • Create parts or service purchase orders for stock, work orders, repair orders, or for OTC invoices.
  • Manage arrived parts, check in parts easily, print labels, and view receiving history
  • Automatically add inspection information to newly received parts, allowing full traceability
  • View stock information and place orders to other EBis users directly from EBis
Point of Sale
  • Create "over the counter" quotes & invoices for parts to customers
  • Easily add parts and check availability from the same screen
  • View profit information before processing the invoice
  • Ability to limit the amount of money a customer can have outstanding in their account



Integrate with QuickBooks, or use a certifed integrator for Microsoft Great Plains.


View inventory quantites and order parts directly from Aviall

To-Do Lists

Import lists from CAMP or exported lists from Avantext

  • Managing parts by part number and description makes part information easily accessible
  • Easily inventory and parts on order
  • Automatically bill parts from a purchase order to the desired destination (work order, repair order, parts invoice)
  • Manage serialized and non-serialized parts and track lot numbers, where parts were ordered from, shelf life, etc
  • Keep inspection information for parts in stock
  • View parts usage and vendor history pricing history
  • Manage alternative part numbers and superseded parts
  • Automatically create core records from a work order, repair order, or purchase order
  • Capture costs that are normally missed
  • Track the progress of a core and easily view receiving, shipping, and credited information
  • View and export lists of credit cores over a specific date range
  • Create custom events
  • Scheduling upcoming events
  • Manage one day and multiple day appointments in familiar Outlook calendar interface
  • Create reminders for appointments
  • Track employees on vacation, in training, or out sick
Time Clock
  • Easily see what employees are logged into the time clock
  • View totals of hours worked for a specific date or a date range
  • Efficiency reports can be viewed comparing time clock time to actual time worked on work orders
  • Export time worked in CSV or XML format
Repair Orders
  • Optional repair orders module allows user to repair and track information for accessories, cylinders, engines, and propellers
  • Print forms for FAA-8130 AND EASA-Form1
  • Create Sub-Repair Orders
  • Uses same interface as Work Orders
User Security
  • Each user has a full set of security privileges that can be edited by administrators
  • Technician "codes" allow only the proper technician to log in and out of their squawks on work orders
  • Inspection codes, once given, allows an inspector to inspect a squawk once completed
  • Once signed-off, only that inspector can remove the code

Basic System Requirements

  • Windows 2008 Server or Higher recommened (can use peer-to-peer network for smaller networks)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (version dependent on EBis version)
  • 8 GB ram (16 GB recommended)
  • 20 GB or more available hard drive space
  • Secondary hard drive for backups recommended
  • Microsoft 7 Professional or Windows 10 Recommended from Microsoft) and Internet Explorer 7 or greater
  • Intel dual-core processor with 4 GB ram and 4 GB hard drive space
  • 1280x720 or higher resolution
  • Gigabit/802.11g with properly configured Windows network with all computers accessible over the network (domain network, or peer-to-peer)

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