EBis GSE Express: Cloud Solution to Manage Fleets of All Sizes

Used by large scale customers (200+ cities, 80,000+ equipment items, 2,000 users) for more than 10 years.

Increase Productivity

  • Access to lists of commonly used parts for the vehicle
  • Technicians can access stored photos of parts to select correct part
  • Add forecasted parts to preventive maintenance work orders in one-click
  • Research button allows parts to be requested and processed by the proper designated person, saving time and keeping technician working on the floor
  • View dashboard of current work orders
  • Vehicle history, PM docs, EQ manuals, open work orders at technicians fingertips
  • Advanced task module allows labor resources to be accurately managed
  • Track technician productivity via technician log reports
  • View productivity reports to ensure maintenance targets are met

EBis GSE Synergy

  • Constant updates from user feedback helps address ever-growing needs
  • All customers receive the changes, who then have the option to turn on and use
  • New customer’s contactors may already be using EBis for existing customers, making training easier
  • Easy-to-use interface requires little training for non-computer savvy users

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Manage Equipment

Equipment Assets
  • Over 125 data fields to manage all aspects of your equipment item
  • Find equipment easily through filters and find options
  • Store files/photos to each equipment item
  • Access equipment in one city, a region, or all cities
  • Easily move equipment to different locations and have open work orders follow to the new city
  • Manage equipment owned by third parties and setup different billing rates
Equipment Schedules
  • Create custom preventive maintenance schedules per equipment asset
  • Schedules can be created on a specific week number, months to next, recurring daily/weekly/monthly, or specific date
  • Create meter based schedules
  • Easily manage schedules and change due dates
  • Duplicate existing schedules to new equipment
  • Move equipment location without having to update PMI plans or any open maintenance items

Work Orders

  • Developed for the shop floor by technicians on the floor
  • Manage scheduled, service bulletins, and unscheduled work orders
  • Easily add labor, parts, outside repair, and tools to a work order
  • Capture labor & parts history: includes category, cause, and activity drop downs
  • Track different job status levels (job stop, outside repair, warranty) in open work orders
  • Track in or out-of-service status throughout the day
  • Track down time on a work order via time reports
Advanced Reporting
  • Includes all required day-to-day reports for GSE operations
  • Available in both PDF and CSV/XLS format
  • Automatic reporting allows users to receive reports directly in their email – no access to EBis required
  • Signoffs on preventive maintenance work orders track who inspected the items before returning to service
  • Reporting for possible litigation
  • Total parts spend at a detailed level
  • Various edit logs allow for full transparency

Full Supply Chain Integration

Direct integration with Napa and Sage allows users to search and order parts without leaving EBis.
Increased Productivity

Increase technician productivity by streamlining the parts order and research process. Automatic part status updates keeps both technician and Napa informed.

Reduce Costs

Reduce parts inventory carrying costs
Automatically track parts warranty and cores, saving you potentially 20% of your parts spend.

Configuration Made Easy
  • Manage users with 100+ points of security and specified cities
  • Use profiles to easily manage technicians, contactors, leads, front office, etc.
  • Create different profiles for contractors vs. in-house labor
  • Easily audit current user access
  • Setup cities individually with different labor rates and options
  • Commonly used lists are setup by system administrators to avoid duplicate and unnecessary data, and are easy to modify
  • Accurate life-cycle costing from correct city setups
EBis Green Initiative
  • EBis focuses on environmental compliance.
  • Plan, forecast, and view upcoming out of compliance equipment that will need to be phased out.
  • View percent of electric equipment and alternate fuel (hybrids, electrics, CNG, LP)
  • Ability to understand horsepower and emissions to achieve emission mandated goals
  • Sort powered fleet by fuel type
  • Mark assets as at risk for future planning
  • EBis can support state initiatives, such as California tire meter readings

Power By The Hour

  • Obtain true cost of ownership based on actual meter based utilization.
  • Reallocation non-utilized equipment instead of purchasing new

  • Meter integration with Access Control Group allows automatic schedules based on meter usage,
    and avoids technician input errors.

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